3 Ways to Crack Bank Exams

Many of us are bored of doing monotonous job in a corporate sector but if I have to think about the job security, corporate sector is my lost option. I would say working in Bank as a clerk can push your service for the next 40 years wherein, you will have to work from 9am-5pm peacefully. There are again pros and cons in banking domain also but when it comes to job security, it is supposed to be the best. It seems that the bank employees are given unimaginable targets to sanction the loans, which is again a question of authority and responsibility, which doesn’t happen in corporate domain I believe. This article will be helping the readers to know 3 ways to crack bank exams. Stay tuned!

  • IBPS Exam

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There are some sections in these exams that you need to work on:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer

You will have 30 attempts and the age limit is below 32 years. These competitive exams needs at most dedication and commitment as you very well know that if you crack the exams, you can sit and eat for the next 20-30 years unless you give voluntary retirement.

  • Internal Exams Image result for internal exams in bank

You don’t have to straight away try for a Probationary Officer as the exam pattern is little difficult for the first timers. So, you can try giving exams for clerk post and write internal exams and then get promoted to an officer post. This is one of the best ways of getting into the banking domain.

What to Study? 

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This is interesting! You can study on your own as their no much technical topics that you have to work on. If you feel you need assistance, you can join tutorials wherein, they will prepare exercises on a daily basis. You just have to solve the exercise and the give exams.  I feel grit and passion can help you reach the goals irrespective of circumstances that you are in. There are some reputed institutions like the T.I.M.E, they have produced amazing candidates this year.

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